Why are cardboard advertising displays so popular?

Have you noticed how widely used advertising displays are in many places? Are you considering joining the ranks of those who use them? We want to assure you that it is a very profitable move. Well-designed advertising contributes to an increase in the number of customers and, consequently, the profits you will achieve. But how can you make ordinary cardboard advertising displays visually attractive? The answer can be found in this article! Keep reading!

Why did we choose cardboard as the material for our advertising displays as one of the leading manufacturers? The answer is simple! Cardboard advertising displays are characterized by ease of assembly and transport. Moreover, this material imposes practically no limitations on us when it comes to creating various shapes, allowing us to meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers. However, cardboard has one more, the biggest advantage. It is highly versatile, allowing for the easy printing of various advertising designs on its surface.

UV printed advertising displays – high quality goes hand in hand with professionalism

Our company, STprint, strives to meet the requirements of all interested parties every day. We know very well that everyone wants their chosen advertising displays to look good even over time. That’s why we use UV printing for our designs. Its innovation lies primarily in durability. Inks cured with UV lamps are resistant to damage, abrasion, and, most importantly, fading. You should know that vibrant colors are much more memorable to recipients! If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact our experts. Our highly qualified employees will guide you on what to pay attention to and which solution will be most advantageous for you. You are cordially invited!