Floor display stands

Floor Display Stands, just like Display Shelf Stands. Provide an opportunity to display your products in a way that makes you stand out from the competition. Depending on your individual needs, each stand element can be printed on and finished so it attracts the client’s attention. Stands of this type are excellent for displaying books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, small irregular items, or even dry products.

Cardboard Anna

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Anna is the most popular and effective type of display designed for books, CDs, DVDs, or similar products. It is great for displaying several items on one display, in special partitions that that can be adjusted to fit each product perfectly. Anna can be printed on every side and can be fully personalized graphically and size-wise.

Cardboard Maja

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Maja is a great way of displaying several types of small products on one stand: key chains, bows, as well as candy and other sweets. It is also a type of display that gives an opportunity to very effectively show graphics that perfectly match the promoted product.

Cardboard Lena

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Lena is a very popular cardboard dump bin. Its friendly construction gives an opportunity to display the brand and the product in a simple manner, maintaining relatively low cost for the stand’s production.

Cardboard Karolina

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Karolina is a simple insert display stand. It’s perfect for all sorts of events, trade-fairs or product tastings.

Cardboard Ula

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Ula is a newspaper stand. It allows you to display newspapers or magazines in a much more attractive way thanks to the option of printing over the entire stand or on just a part of it.

Cardboard Edyta

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Edyta is a stand allowing for the display of a variety of different hanging items thanks to the option of multiple hook placement on its back wall. There is also an option of covering the side and front wall with an interesting graphic.