Totems are the best way to promote a product and to attract customers? attention while maintaining low production costs, regardless of the quantity ordered.

Cardboard Aga

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Elliptical stands are very easy to fold which makes them very convenient and inexpensive to move and set up quickly. Stands of this type can be equipped with any number of flyer holders or even set with some more complex solutions allowing for very interesting product display.

Cardboard Ewa

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Totem with triangular base. It yields a very large printing area, and the graphic message is visible on every side of the structure. There is an option of equipping the totem with special pockets for folders, flyers and other advertising gadgets.

Cardboard Ala

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Totem with a rectangular base. An even larger printing area, visible from any side in the passageway at the point of display.

Cardboard Ada

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Ada is a very exciting totem with a rectangular base. It’s made up of several tetrahedron modules stacked on top of each other in various configurations. Such construction allows us to convey a variety of interesting marketing messages in addition to significantly facilitating transport.