Flat stands

Flat stands, walls and frames. Cardboard life size cut outs attract consumer attention like no other marketing tool. There are no limits as far as shapes are concerned, they can be printed on any side, brochure or flyer holders can be placed anywhere on such a stand. Cardboard advertising walls and frames are perfect for any length of exposition and in any event situation. All structures of this type come supplied with a back stand which assures its stability.

Cardboard Filip

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This kind of stand can be of any shape you’d like, which allows it to function as a traditional stand or an advertising wall. It could be printed on one or both sides, and a pocket could be added to hold flyers or folders. The simplicity of construction and ease of execution make this stand very affordable, regardless the quantity ordered.

Coardboard Dawid

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Dawid is a classic “monidło” type stand, with a cut out to put your head in when taking a picture. It’s great for all sorts of special events.

Cardboard Seba

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Seba is an event wall, however its cardboard construction makes the production cost much lower than competing solutions.