We also specialize in the production of other elements of retail décor, such as: shelf liners, shelf stoppers, wobblers, toppers, plastic and cardboard headers are some more examples of products which you can trust us to make for you.

Shelf endings

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We specialize in the making of any kind of shelving endings (headers, sides, boarders, enforcements). We can suggest the new product, best material and the best assembly of the shelving ending in the shop.


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We have extensive experience in wobbler production, therefore we are able to offer any type of this kind of product; starting from a simple cardboard wobbler (round, or of a more complex shape), through distance wobblers, to projects entirely made from plastics.


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Shelf stoppers are another type of POS/POD product we are very familiar with. We always choose the optimal material for making a given shelf stopper, and find the best type of a bracket to hold it.


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Whether you are looking for a simple two-tone paper liner, a more solid cardboard one, or some upscale plastic liner, appropriately contoured, moulded and shaped, you’ve found the right place. We can make any type of liner you’d like.