How does it work?

The preparation and manufacturing of cardboard stands is a multi-stage process: First, you must define your needs, and then we select the right manufacturing and finishing technology, prepare the structure, graphic project, make the prototype, and finally complete the production process, and choose the appropriate packaging and shipping option. We realize that time is of the essence, so we designed our website in a way which allows us to get maximum information from you at first contact to prepare the most accurate cost estimate.


Send us an inquiry with specifications of: the type of structure, dimensions, number of stand parts, quantity needed, and the estimated weight to sustain if ordering a shelf display.


In response you receive an initial cost estimate or some further questions regarding printing and coloring options, etc.


At this stage we prepare the structural project, (optional) graphic project, and the prototype, pending your approval.


Upon your approval we produce the stands, which can take from 7 to 30 days, depending on the quantity needed.


The last stage is the transport of the order to the specified location.