Counter display

This type of display is best for displaying small items, or for flyer distribution, thanks to its small size. The size, design and type can be matched perfectly to the place of display, and because they are so small, they are a great opportunity to lower your production costs.

Cardboard Paweł

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Paweł is the most popular flyer stand on the market. Its front is an advertising area with one or a few flyer holders attached. On the back of Paweł there is a stand stabilizing the structure.

Cardboard Tomek

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Tomek is a miniature version of a standard shelf stand which allows for sleek display of various types of products and will attract customer?s attention with unique visual advertising on side walls and the top of the stand.

Cardboard Piotr

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Piotr is the simplest and least expensive option for counter display advertising. A flat piece of cardboard with a ?leg? in the back is sometimes all you need to advertise your brand.

Cardboard Marek

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Marek is an interesting and very popular type of counter display which is designed for the promotion of practically any product, regardless of its shape. Marek can be printed on virtually any side and its header can be interchangeable. The tier design gives a lot of different possibilities to display products of different sizes.

Cardboard Kuba

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Kuba is a sort of a counter tray with a raised header that allows for additional advertising area. There is an option to attach hooks for displaying blisters on the header.

Cardboard Michał

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Michał is really a modified version of Kuba, since the top of the counter surface is full, apart from some openings specially adjusted for the products to be displayed. This gives us a cohesive structure and an appealing product presentation.