Display shelf stands

Display shelf stands made out of cardboard are becoming more and more popular. That is because the opportunity to effectively display a product at a low cost is certainly advantageous. Stands of this type allow display of products of up to 20 kg per shelf, as well as unlimited opportunities for personalized branding. Depending on the display time needed and the type of product, we can prepare an inexpensive, temporary stand, or a superior quality stand, appropriately printed on and reinforced, for the display of your premium products.

Cardboard Jan

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Jan is our most popular cardboard product. Its biggest advantages are: high carrying capacity (up to 15 kg with no reinforcement), ease of assembly, and large area for graphics and printing to attract your client’s attention. There are many options to modify Jan through the use of different kinds of slanting of the edges of the walls, or through changing the shape of selected elements.

Cardboard Marcin

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Marcin is very similar to Jan. The only difference here is the shelving. There are no front strips which allows for the display of an entire product.

Cardboard Adam

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Adam stands for the ease of assembly and low pricing. An excellent stand for displaying lighter products (up to 8 kg per shelf).

Cardboard Kacper

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Kacper is like a close cousin to Jan and Marcin. Its slanted shelving sets it apart from the others, providing an interesting option for displaying of newspapers and magazines, as well as other products best shown this way.

Cardboard Kamil

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Kamil combines the dependability of Jan and Adam’s exciting presentation possibilities. Its sturdy sides support the shelves which can protrude beyond the length of the walls which makes the product displayed more visible for the customer.